Tuesday, July 29, 2008


First things first, to everyone who put their lives and hearts into this event to make it happen, I wish I could thank you enough. There simply aren't the words to express my gratitude. I want to give a special thanks to Jason, Lisa and April. You three went above and beyond any one's expectations and produced and orchestrated something that is nothing short of an amazing movement. I also send a very heartfelt thanks to Bret and his family for hosting my benefit. Your willingness to allow us free reign of your place and everything you donated - use of your space, free pool for the night, and the proceedes of all non-alcoholic drinks - is truly beyond generous. To those who donated, from the bands to the bartenders to the individuals and establishments who gave gift certificates and all the other items (there are far too many to list), your generosity is overwhelming. I appreciate every single one of you who showed up. This would not have been a success without you. With all the love I received this weekend I know we are going to do what it takes to beat this cancer. As our shirts say F*CK CANCER! Please write a comment and let me know how your night was. I hope you all had as good a time as I did.


lollygagon said...

I wish I could have made it to the event. Glad to hear everything went well and you're spirits are high.

Best wishes,

Jess said...

Amazing! It was so great to see how many people came out to support you Sky! You have so much love behind you. We had a great time seeing you and were so glad to have everyone meet Kaya. Everyone is anxiously awaiting to hear how much $ was raised. I hope it was more than you hoped for. We love you and are trying to come see you in LA soon. Hope the rest of the week is good for you.

Love Jess, Terry & Kaya

amanda said...

Sky you are an inspiration to all that know you and people that have yet to meet you but are supporting you through prayers and monetary donations. We love you and were so happy to see you enjoying your self and cracking jokes as only you can this past weekend!
Amanda, GRP and Isabelle

~JECCA~ said...

Hey Skyler! You have got to be the most amazing person I know! Through everything you have stayed so strong and so positive. You have so much love and support form all of your friends and family, and I think it is amazing! I was so glad to get to spend some time with you, and I was very sad to have to leave. I hope that they raised lots of money for you, cause you are worth every penny and more! I will continue to pray for you everyday and I hope that you keep having good days! I love you so much, stay strong and keep thinking positive! You will beat this!
Love ya cuz!

jody said...

Hidey Ho Sky,

I was wondering when in the heck you were gonna let us know that you got back there, lol. I thought that the event was stellar, only befitting someone with the name of Sky. Your sweet soul and gentle nature are the best weapons against this disease that you're in the process of..KICKING IT'S ASS!!!! It was really, really nice to visit with you and see all that love going your way. Were there scalpers selling bootleg shirts at your event? You say your's say F*CK CANCER..........mine says FUCK CANCER!!! Hope I didn't get ripped off (hee hee :) ) Seriously though, I'm really glad that I got the 3x as I wear it as a night shirt and can support the cause that much more often. It also makes me remember not to forget............not that I would. Keep on keeping on dude, we're with you....every step of the way.

Much love from


jody said...

PS~~Talk about being techno-challenged.........I couldn't figure out how to edit my comment!!! So, as a post script. All the peeps who put sooooooo mcuh energy into making Sunday happen...........You guys freakin rock!!!!! Everyone should be so lucky as to have even one friend like you are. Too have so many is sublime. ;)

jody said...

OMG, another ps...didn't mean to have the typo in the word too......should read to

what can I say?????

Melissa said...

I for one had an amazing time. I think it went above and beyond everyone's expectations. It was really great getting to see so many people come out and support you. I would do it again in a heart beat. I am also really grateful we got to see you because who knows when we would be able to go down to visit you so I feel blessed for that. Keep your head up and know when it gets rough that so many people love you and are praying for you.

love Melissa, Justin, Zane, and Mateo

Denise said...

You are a amazing young man, with everything that you have been through you still have a good time in life, We were so glad that we got the chance to see you.
It was so nice to see everyone,you have so much love & support from your friends & family. We love you,
Uncle John & Aunt Denise

Anonymous said...

Sky, It was amazing, i don't think that anything could have been better... It was so great to see all the old faces pull together with the new faces and make it all happen. I know that with all the support and love that you have you will be able to kick this cancer to the curb where it belongs.... We love you and cant wait to see you again.
Staci and BJ
I also wanted to say thank you to JASON, LISA, AND APRIL... You all fucking rock.....And everyone one in the Yellow shirts give yourselves a pat on the back, you all worked hard too..

dzyred said...

Yo Sky, sounds like you had a HUGE and pretty freakin spectacular event. My bro told me it was like a high school reunion, but with all the people you actually wanna see. It sounds like this benefit was not only a financial boost, but more importantly an emotional boost.

So, my car got broken into this weekend, but I got over it pretty quickly just thinking about how material possessions really shouldn't fuckin mean anything in this reality. What does matter though is the love for yourself and the love for and from the people around you. Sky you are definitely blessed to have what matters most. FUCK CANCER!

I want to come see you when your up for it. You are totally in my thoughts, sending love and energy your way.

Terry's little sis', Laura

Lara said...

Hey sweetie, I am so glad the event went as well as it did. I would do it all over again. I wish I had gotten to spend some more time with you, but work had to be done. I hope you had an awesome time. Thank you to every single person that was there, you guys made a great day!
We love you Sky and I want you to remember Sunday whenever you are having a down day.
Love you,
Lara and family

Lara said...

oh yeah, I hope you are sleeping for like 3 days straight to rest your body from a very long weekend for you. Especially since you will be starting more chemo, your body needs to be up to it. I hope this round kicks that tumors ass and the rest of the cancer too. Love you!

crogdog said...

The turnout was so great Sky it was so great to see all the people that showed up for your support. I know that you greatly appreciate those who took the time out of their day to be there for your cause. I also want to tank God for giving you the strength and health to make it throughout the whole day and night and to being able to see the people that that cares for you. You now that you are love by an abundance of people and it was so great to see that. It was great to see you and we are happy that we could have helped any way that we have. Stay strong and keep up your great spirits and we will see you asap. We love you Sky.


Lisa B said...

WOW is all i can say. Sunday was such an amazing day. I am so glad that I was able to be apart of such a special day for you. You have so many people that love you and want to fight this with you. I would also like to thank everyone that wore YELLOW shirts, I would like to thank my sister Andrea for making the shirts for us to wear with the help of Katia and Kyle. Also thank you to all that did not wear yellow that still assisted and cleaned bathrooms. Jason Smith... what can I say you did a great job and we kicked ass but only with the help of our friend and donaters that made this benefit what it was, oh and April and Lara, you rock also! ... I thank Billco's also for allowing us to have the benefit there... I could go on for days thanking everyone, but... I just want to thank you Sky for fighting, staying strong, and remaining positive. You can fight this, we can fight this. I love you! And remember... we have the golf tournament still in Napa. Love you lots. xoxoxo

david-belden said...

I had a great time on sunday Sky, i'm glad the turnout was so good. I hope that your treatments this week go well.

Shanny777 said...

what can i say....good times are good times.... what more than to put 24hrs aside for the man we love....ill see you soon.stay strong...im always thinkin of ya...and alwas amazing to see your smiling face again. :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, that was unbeleivable. So many people. I was totally glad to see ya again and I hope we made a dent to gettin you proper care. This cancer thing is bullshit and I cant wait till you kill it off. Im totally glad you got to see a lot of your old friends and hot chicks..haha..well I know you been travelin and partyin so get some rest big man and ill hit ya up later.
-ninja robert
p.s. oh sumone made a video for you and at the beginning i said fuck you, wasnt meant to be offensive...ahhhhh son

Nicole said...

$20,000!!! Unbelievable. I had sooo much fun on Sunday. The turnout was absolutely amazing. Everyone did such an awesome job. I was glad to see you so positive. i miss your face already and can't wait to get back down to long beach to see you. i love you very very much!!!! xoxoxo


~jennifer~ said...

AMAZED! What an amazing day Sky! I knew your benefit was going to be a success but GOOD LORD! The people, the donations, the love.. and support there that day was ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING!

I had to take a few minutes out that day and just sit back in awe and amazement at how everyone came together when needed. Big Ups to everyone that made this event happen and who worked their asses off during it.. WHAT AN EVENT!!

Sky..you are so loved and blessed with the greatest family and friends. You luv, are an inspiration. It was great to see you having such a good time, and I am so happy I could be there to share it with you and everybody.

Stay strong. Big hugs to ya.. Much Alofaz..


skullfunk said...

whats up sky. i want to say first off, thank you so much for coming up to napa. its been a while since ive seen everyone, and with you being there, it was just beautiful.
sunday was awesome!!
considering the circumstances and times you're in right now, im sure a lot us could really say that that was one of the greatest, most powerful, and most beautiful days of our lives. i mean the love in the air was thick, and real. i miss all of you already.
the turnout, and money raised that day was just proof that evryones love, compassion, and support is no joke, and your fight is very important to us.
$20,000 ?? amazing!!
keep fighting sky, you will beat this. i wish the best for you. F*CK CANCER!!! (my favorite new shirt). i love you sky, stay strong.

thank you also to everyone who made this weekend possible. your ahrd work and presence will forever be acknowledged.
and to my friends that i havent seen in a long time, it was great to see you again. i love you all.
e sculls.

Sarah said...

We had a great time on Sunday...It was good seeing you and everyone from down south again. It was amazing all the people that came out and all the positive support and love. I hope that this is only the beginning of getting you what you need. You and Zion are in our hearts always.

Love Elliott, Sarah and Noah

Pion~2~Zion said...

Yo Sky,

It was awesome playing your benefit show. We felt a whole lot of love floating at Billco's for sure. We are stoked that we got to be a part of it. Let us know where the next ones at! We got your back.


One Love,


Dae Dreamer said...

Prayers and Blessings to all who made this event happen. Believe I was there in spirit. God Bless you and everyone who loves you and is working along side you to lift you up and help you fight. ♥

Michael Martinez said...

I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your fight. Keep your head up in times of struggle. I wish I could have made it to see you. Megan got to show on my behalf and you are very welcome for the items I donated. It was an absolute NO BRAINER. I hope you and your family nothing but the best.
Mike Martinez _ Megans fiance