Thursday, July 31, 2008

in the bones

So yesterday I received a call from my oncologist and they have spotted cancer in my bones, they suspect it to be in my left pelvis, my right back 6th rib, and maybe my shoulder joints. It doesn't change much I guess except I have to take more meds to strengthen my bones so it wont spread. Today I feel good I got my mary jane club card and that is helping me put some weight on and keeps me from getting nauseous. Its good that California give the option for patients to use there medicines without being a criminal. We deserve it. I slept a lot today I'm not sure if its the chemo or the week catching up but i feel pretty good over all, I have some stomach pains and liver pains but nothing i can't handle. I'm very excited about the upcoming events, I'm stoked on the golf tournament coming up later August which sounds like a lot of fun in the sun and good golfing. We will be getting started on the golf event very shortly. I hope everyone is doing well today and will talk to you again shortly. Love Sky.


Anonymous said...

Oooooooh golf!!! Too fun. When I think of golfing I think of the Jackass clip where they had that blow horn and would set it off from the bushes every time someone nearby would tee off.

Well sugarbooger... I'm sending good energy and praying for every part of your body, so don't worry about your bones. ;-)

Ashley Ulibarri

~JECCA~ said...

I love you Skyler, and I am glad your are still feeling good! Keep on fighting!
Much Love~

Anonymous said...

Golf sounds good, cant wait. Glad that that you got your mary jane card, and it seems to be helping you!!! Keep your head held high!!!!!!!! So glad that you are still feeling good.
Hope that you keeping feeling great.
Love you BRO

jody said...

Jeez, are such an inspiration with your "good attitude" self, I just LOVE your spirit........I hope that the chemo is ragin against those freakin cancer cells, enough discovery sites already!!! I know that you have to wait three weeks post chemo to see the Doctors at Rational Theraupeutics, is there an appt lined up? Hey, maybe (like most doctors) they're into golf and you can kill two birds with one stone.....invite em to the event!!!! Amen to the canabis clubs, glad you're a card carryin member!!!! Let me know if you need twinkies or anything, OK? Seriously, I KNOW how to gain weight...if you need any pointers.......OK, for real seriously, Sky, know that you're never far from my thoughts and always at the top of my prayer list. The God I know hears our prayers and loves you very much. So do I.


Michael Martinez said...

smoke 2 joints in the morning and smoke 2 joints at night, smoke 2 joints in the afternoon, it makes you feel alright. smoke 2 joints before you smoke 2 joints and then smoke 2 more. Geez thats alot of pot smoking.

So sorry to hear that the cancer has spread to your bones.

Mike Martinez

jody said...

Here ya go...............

Love ya!!!!

amanda said...

Swweeet for you about the mary jane membership! I know I always wanted one ;)
I'm glad that you are resting and excited about the upcoming events! Put Crystal to work in the kitchen while you're still hungry! She makes a bomb stir fry and jambalaya!
We love you and are constantly thinking of you! I know everyone down there is doing awesome and being great to you! Hopefully we will get to visit soon!
Love love love!
Amanda Gabe and Issy

amanda said...

Darn that Mike Martinez..! Now I have Sublime stuck in me head!! ;)

Lara said...

It was awesome to hear your voice today. I am so glad that you have your card and that will definitely help with the systems of chemo. I wish the cancer wasn't in your bones, but you are strong, so I am not worried. I love how positive you are and your attitude it great. The benefits to come will be awesome, no worries. I am here to help. Love you handsome, thinking of you always.

Damn Mike, Sublime is stuck in my head too. At least it is a good song.

Dae Dreamer said...

LOL Wonder if I could get a card for my petty arthritis and sciatica? :oP

Anyway, baby boy. So glad to hear that your spirits are so high. You are truly amazing, you know that? Every time I read your blogs I want to shake my head in disbelief. I don't know if I could be as strong as you. But then, none of us really knows what we're capable of until we're in a certain situation.

But right now, and even though we've never met.... You are truly my hero. God bless you. ♥

Anonymous said...

That sucks it got in your bones but im totally stoked your feeling a little beter...earthquakes are so sound like your putting up a great fight and like I said before, I hope your on the cover of medical magazines one day showing people how strong someone can be....Keep fighting this shit and I hate to say this because theres a lot I dont like about Cli, but I am glad you got your legal MARY JANE...she is definately a hurting mans medicine.....stay strong and we all love ya big man.