Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 6th

-sky-Today went by fairly fast, got to see good friends and am now getting anxious for tomorrows doctor visit. everyone please keep your prayers coming and your fingers crossed. I will update tomorrow's news when i get home from the doctor and will let everyone know good or bad.

-aaron- Sky ate some food in the afternoon after a tough morning again. Carisa's friends and family who know sky came by today and visited with him. James also came over for a bit. Nicole and Joyce have been awesome and have been staying with sky at night. God bless all of you who have showed support and love, it is greatly appreciated. We are continuing to remain positive that tomorrow will bring better news and more hope that we can start a solid treatment plan for recovery. We love you all.

One Love.


Gabe said...

We're praying for you tonight for good news tomorrow and strength to fight this!
Keep your positive attitude. We all love you and will stay by your side to fight with you and for you when it seems impossible!
I love you cousin

amanda said...

I just wanted to tell you that we love you also! A litle double love love! One for Aaron also! You're awsome for helping Sky through this and busting your ass with the healthy meals! (and trevor and joyce and nicole!)
Skyler I pray for your health and strength all the time and know that you have more than friends and family on your side fighting with you!

Joyce said...

LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!We are behind u...along side u...praying in our hearts every minute 4 u!!!!!LOVE, MOM and JAMES

Joyce said...

James just u Sky!!!

chelsiej said...

im glad i got to visit today!!
you seemed so happy to see all of us...i am anxious also to get the matter what it is your strong and can get through EVERYTHING! i pray for you everyday and tonight its the ULTIMATE prayer=]]]]]]
your friends family and god is by your side...and thats all you need

love u skyyyyy


Lara said...

praying for you and thinking good thoughts. I will be going crazy in the car tomorrow, can't wait to see you. I hope that the doctor has good news and we can celebrate when we get there. We all love you, Lara, Dan and the kids.

chelsiej said...


sky is lucky to have u there

kudos aaron=]

Jess said...

Sky, We are praying that tomorrow will bring good news and that your worries will subside. Stay strong and keep nurturing your spirit and the rest will follow. You are so fortunate to have so many people around you that love you so much. We are trying to get down there soon.

We love you,

Terry, Jess and Kaya

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Lots of prayers tonight for you Sky and we will be thinking about you all day tomorrow. Hope you get some rest and we are really really really hoping you get the answers you need tomorrow. We love you and be strong! Hope to see you soon.

Love Elliott, Sarah and Noah

skullfunk said...

whats up sky, its sculley. i've been thinking about you man and hoping for the best. i know i havent kept in touch with all you guys but i care dearly about all my friends. im praying for good news to come and pulling for your health. you were always one of the strongest if not the strongest. im with you in spirit and hopefully i can make it down there with more friends soon. i love you and im praying for you sky. keep eating that good shit and keep your head up!!!

Lisa B said...

sky...i pray that the news today will be what we need to hear...i pray that they can start treating you ASAP!!!! i pray that you are not in pain today and still have that positive attitude! i am here ya!

Carly said...

Praying for good news today! I am so proud of you for keeping your head up this past week. Love you!

Tim & Shelby said...

Hi Sky, this is Tim Knox & Shelby--we wanted to send you some love. We are constantly praying for you and sending you love & healthy thoughts.

Love you!


Anonymous said...


All of my love and all of my prayers with all of God's will and all of my might!

Up here in the Northstate Lisa, Amber, Zachary and I join you and all in this fight!

I wish I could grab your arm & leg and helicoptor-swing it out of you like I did,

When you were just a kid!

I love you, Sky.

You and Zion are in my heart and on my mind.

God's speed to recovery!


~jennifer~ said...

Praying that you have a good day today. Good news from the Dr's, a plan of action finally set in place, and you are feeling better. Good thoughts! Good thoughts! Stay Strong ~j aka crazyislandgirl

jody said...


Thinking ONLY the good thoughts and taking great comfort in the knowledge that God has you in His loving hands. You are blessed to have the love and support surrounding you right now, we walk this journey with you.

One love indeed~~~

Anonymous said...

I hope that you get good news from the doctor today!!! Lets kick this cancer in the ass! We love you and are thinking about you, wishing you a great day....
Love Bj and Staci

Anonymous said...

You are in our Prayers Sky, If theres one thing I know about you it's that you are a positive person, so keep that up and we'll keep you in our daily prayers

Lots of love!!!
Krysten and Jonathan Steele

steph said...

praying for good news!!!
i love you

Crystal said...

I love you sweetie! My whole heart is praying every minute!!

racheln said...

Hi Sky! It's Rachel Nelson. I just heard the news today. I know I haven't seen or talked to you in a while but wanted to let you know your in my prayers. I think your a awesome guy, keep your head up and be strong! Lots of Love!

Nicole said...


i just want to let you know that i am here for you whatever you need. i'm hoping to get down there the weekend of the 19th. I know that everyone is telling you to stay positive and hope that you are, you are in my heart and my prayers. I know that you can fight this, just don't give up. Don't loose your strength and determination it is the best medicine you have. love you and hope to see you soon.

Nicole, Tim, & Jacob

Melissa said...

Hey Sky. Justin and I have been praying for you since we found out the news. This will be hard but you have awesome friends who just love you so much. You have such strong will and I know you are a fighter but just know we will all be here fighting along with you. Our thoughts, Prayers, best wishes and love go out to you now and always. Love Melissa and Justin Lucero
P.S. Zane said he had a lot of fun with you in Disneyland and he hopes you feel better