Monday, July 14, 2008

Hoping for relief

From Aaron:

Sky has already gone to sleep today, he was very tired and uncomfortable for most of it. Tomorrow he may have to be admitted the the hospital because he is having difficulty passing bowel movements and it is making him very uncomfortable. The tests came back on his lungs, and he indeed has cancer spots in his lungs as well. I know the news posted today is not great, but we thought that everyone would still appreciate the update, good or bad. Nicole and Crystal are here taking care of Sky, and Joyce arrived tonight too, so he is well taken care of. We are praying that all goes well tomorrow, and he gets the relief he needs. Sky, we all love you very much.

Also, we need to get volunteers together for the event, so if you have time on Sunday the 27th, and would like to donate it to a worthy cause, please contact Jason or Lisa to let them know.

We have received over $1,500.00 in donations through the website and countless donations from businesses, individuals, friends and family. The amount of work all of you are putting in makes me choke up. All of you are the definition of true friends.


k&amckay said...

Kev and I are thinking about you every day. We hope tomorrow goes better for you. Kev and I are coming down on friday and are looking forward to doing whatever we can do. Aaron we got everything that you put on the list a few weeks ago. If there is anything else you need please let me know Carisa and Trevor know how to reach me. Sky stay strong we love you!
Angel and Kev

jody said...

Prayers continue, Sky. Hoping today is a better one. Good to know that you are surrounded by love and friendship, such good medicine. Thanks, Aaron, for the update, hope that the hospitalization isn't necessary.

Much love from


Nicole said...

i love you sky and i hope things are better for you today and you get the relief you need. i love you and let me know if i can do anything to help you, i know i'm far away, but let me know. as usual you are always in my prayers. i made you a luminarie in the relay for life up here this weekend. love you and i am constantly thinking of you.

Sarah said...

Sky....We love you and dont know what else to say besides that we love you and are praying for you everyday. We wish you werent in pain and hope that you get some relief. We will keep praying for you and sending you lots and lots of love.

Love elliott sarah and noah

Anonymous said...

Count me in on the 27th. I'll be there wearing my man thong and doing a little dance to make money. Just kidding don't want to scare the people away. Sky I hope today brings you comfort and relaxation. Keep up the fight.

Lara said...

My Skyler, I am so sorry that you still haven't had any relief, I hope it isn't necessary to hospitalize you, but I do hope and pray that you get some relief and comfort. As for the spots on the lungs, that sucks, I am sorry, I was hoping there wasn't any on them. I am thinking of you and praying hard. I hope your day is better today. I love you.

chelsiej said...

i hope tommorrow is a better day.
i love u! and me, carisa, jen, and lauren got over 2100.00 worth of donations from all kinds of places for the silent aution...

--here for u


Beav said...


I hope all goes well 2 day. hopefully u take a massive steamer before u have to go the hospital route... Wish you the best bro.


~jennifer~ said...

Hoping today is a better day than yesterday. I hope the hospital route is not necessary and measures can be done at home to get ya to feeling better. Strength, Prayers and BIG HUGS your way Sky!!


amanda said...

I love you Sky! I pray that you have a "movement" today! Gabe and I will be down there as soon as possible and we will both be volunteering our time on the 27th!
Aaron, Crys and Nicole.. you guys are the best and I know you are making this so much easier for him!!

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry that you are in so much pain. I wish you relief tomorrow. Stay strong and keep that great mind set....
Love you
Staci and Bj

skullfunk said...

whats up sky. i hope you feel better today. my boss is gonna help donate for the auction and im gonna try and get more. keep your head up cause im praying for you everyday. i love you man,

Shelley said...

hey guys---although it is more sucky news, it is good to have an update :) Sky: we are all thinking of you back here in illinois. Hopefully all goes well at the doctor's, hope you have a better day tomorrow :)
i am so happy that everyone is pitching in and helping any way that they can--you have some amazing people in your life sky. Carisa told me about all of the businesses that are contributing--that is fantastic!!!!Wish i was going to be back sooner--i would have definately helped out for the benefit...hopefully there are more to come and i will be able to help out then :)
P.S sorry i have been unable to respond everyday, but there is no internet at my Baba's house --- but carisa and chelsie keep me posted :)
see you soon sky
love shell

HeavenlyEvil said...

Sky we love you so much. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. If there is anything you need just ask. Lots of love from the entire Williams clan: Jeff, Debbie, Missy, Danie, and me.

awhite said...

Hey Sky, it's Alex. I just heard from my mom the other day about you and was floored! I am now enguaged to the mother of my newborn son (mothers day) and she has a 5 year old daughter and both are red-headed aries! She is the spitting image of her mother, and our son looks just like her baby pics and mine. Crazy! Hopefully they will have the web-cam set up on the 27th so you can see my family and tell you myself I'm praying for you every day. You deserve so much better!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sky. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Let me know if I can help in any way - I can always stop by on my way from work, or on the weekends... You're in my thoughts every day. Take care... Heather

Ashley said...

Hi Sky,

Cristina and I will be at your fundraiser on Sunday for sure! I can't wait to see you and I know that your strong mentality and will is going to beat this for sure! We'll see you in a few days. :)

Your Friend,