Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feeling good


Sky wanted me to tell everyone that the last two days have been much better and he is gaining his strength and his appetite is coming coming back. He is really looking forward to seeing everyone at the event on Sunday at Billco's. What everyone has done has been amazing, a miracle in itself. To all who have went above and beyond, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please keep the comments coming as they help keep his spirits up to know that people are still thinking of him and wising him well.

I wish to personally thank Nicole, Crystal, Carly, and Joyce for being here and doing everything around the house and taking care of Sky. To be honest you all are angels, and anyone would be hard pressed to find people as caring and loving as all of you. Please send some thanks to these great ladies for really doing all the hard things.


Nicole said...

i'm glad to here that you are having a better couple of days. i heard that you actually ate a regular breakfast this morning that's great. i can not wait to see you this weekend. love ya!

aaron is right you three girls are angels, sky is definitely lucky to have the three of you helping him out. i love you all and think you are amazing!

Nicole, Tim, Jacob

Sarah said...

We are so happy to hear you are doing better. Hope it continues for you! We are excited about Sunday and cant wait to see you. We love you!

Elliott, Sarah and Noah

P.S. we think the those 4 women are awesome! You are doing a wonderful job...When I was in the hospital Carly and Crystal pretty much were Mommy to Noah for a whole week...They are true friends!

We love all of you down there and you all have all of our love and prayers!!

Dae Dreamer said...

I am so happy to hear this good news! And that Sky is surrounded by his Angels here on earth. I feel blessed to be a part of this circle of love you all have for each other. I may never have the pleasure of knowing any of you outside of the PC, but I'm thankful for knowing you thru the net. God bless you Sky.

Always in my prayers....


jody said...

Hey Sky~~~

Talk about being loved, dude!!!! Bet ya never thought you'd see your good Karma pay off, did ya? This is amazing.....truly amazing. I'm sort of at a loss for words, seeing that photo and all. Kind of choked up right now, lol. Suffice to say that this is the Golden Rule personified......we should all treat one another this way...all the time. Very much looking forward to your event this weekend. Aaron, if I could sit across the porch from God, I'd thank Him for lending you to Sky. Same with the ladies that are keeping hearth and home afloat. You girls are the best!

Much, MUCH love to you all,


amanda said...

I agree! Those ladies are awesome!! They are the ones to have around on a rough day.. let alone rough months!
Skyler, we were so happy to hear that you had a good breakfast and it actually tasted good to you! I got a little teary eyed! =p
We love you and are here for you for anything that you want or need!
Aaron, Nicole, Joyce Crys and Charla ;)
You guys are blessings and we are so proud to have you in our lives!
Amanda and Gubba

chelsiej said...

i love and miss you guys soooo much!!!

im glad sky gets soo much support its amazing!!

Anthony said...

Much love sky, cant wait to see you bro. glad to here your doing better. Always thinking of you.

Melanie said...

I heard the good news from Elliott tonight, I am so happy to hear you are feeling better and able to eat.
It is times like these that you realize how truly blessed you are to have friends and family like you have. They are all truly amazing and I am very lucky to be able to call them my friends too. I love you all very much and will see you this Sunday


Chris said...

That's what I like to hear Sky. I especially liked the picture. I think one of those angels looks exactly like Aaron! Always in my prayers.

Lara said...

yippee, a real breakfast, that is great sweetie. I hope you continue to eat yummy real food and keep it down. I am so glad that your days have been better then before. Can't wait to hug you.

Thank you ANGELS, you ladies are awesome and always have been, now you are just proving it to a tee. I am glad all of you are in our lives.

WE love all of you down there.