Monday, September 15, 2008

sorry everyone

I'm sorry to everyone for not updating my computer wasn"t working I've been very busy and just got it back online. Ok so lets start with the ct scan, after my third session of chemo they wanted me to be at around 50 percent remission but I'm more around 25 percent. So there is improvement just not as much as we hoped. My quality of life has gone way up I feel good and am happy in my life right now. So now were hoping that the next 3 cycles will be as effective as possible and then my doctor thinks we will hit a plateau and that will be as far as we go with kaiser. We will do 8 total then a pet scan to see how much of the cancer is dead and how much is alive. At that point we will probably take thous results to rational therapeutics and see what he can do. Now about life my cousin just got married and the wedding was beautiful we had such a good time and I felt great all weekend. The ceremony was great and we danced and danced. Amanda my new cousin looked so beautiful it was breathtaking, gabe your a lucky man. And I got to kiss one of the most beautiful girls in the world so I had a great time. I love you all, talk to you soon, sky.