Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Donation and Visiting Information

AARON---Sky started his first Chemotherapy today and it went well. His spirits are very high and we are desperately trying to raise money for a second opinion at an established cancer center. We have set up an account at Washington Mutual Bank, "Sky Jackson Medical Fund" is all that is needs to be said at any branch and it will get to his account. We are also trying to gather donations from businesses for two different silent auctions to be held in Napa and Orange County as well. For Napa donations contact Lisa Blackmon, and for orange county donations contact me or Trevor.
We will soon have a link on here to paypal donations online.

Anyone planning to visit Sky in the coming weeks has to take precautions, if you have been sick recently or have been around anyone sick we would have to ask that you keep your support to phone calls and internet posts until you are better since Sky's chemo has reduced his immune system. Those with small children should be aware that runny noses and coughs can cause serious health risks for Sky.

Sorry for the long post, but we have a few more requests:
If you are coming to visit, and we hope you are, please only bring things that are on the following list as increased people here puts a strain our resources.
Here is the list:
Bottled water********
paper towels
toilet paper
hand sanitizer-(must be used to see him)
surgical masks-(must be used to see him)
100% fruit juices.

For now that is all we need, please dont bring anything extra as we are on a surplus of trash here.

Thanks everyone so much, we really appreciate your help and love.


Joyce said...

good work aaron...and coley!!!

steph said...


amanda said...

Thanks for the update Aaron!! We will be sure to bring stuff with us this weekend! Also my friend works in the cancer center at UCD and she said that protein shakes are good when they start feeling sick from the chemo and it will help them with nutrients so their red blood count doesnt drop too low. I still like the bracelet idea. Carly and I found some good prices. I can try to order some..?
I PROMISE no sickness this time!
PLEASE let us know if there's anything else you need or want. I know there's a costco close by so we can just go there when we get there! Skyler, WE LOVE YOU and are sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way!

lauren said...

ilove you mucho

aaron said...

just to clarify my post,
Im not trying to discourage anyone from coming to visit, just letting everyone know what the doctor told sky about getting sick. We really do need everyones help and companionship during times like these and it brings tears to my eyes to see how everyone is coming together to help Sky pull through this. Our address is:
906 Molino ave
Long beach, CA 90804
if anyone needs to search for hotels in the area. and i will make myself available to pick people up from long beach airport just let me know at least a day in advance.
Thanks Everyone, And Sky, it was awesome to see you doing so well today, you are an inspiration to me. i love you man.


Chris said...

Trevor, have Carisa call me as soon as you find out where I can send $ to help. My prayers and love are with all of you.

Joyce said...

TO ALL OF U WHO HAVE TRAVELED DOWN HERE AND ALL U HERE IN SPIRIT>>I know how much everyone's presence and support has already meant 2 Sky...It really made this week and a half of waiting 2 take action so much easier 4 him...thank u 4 ur love!!!...mom

neffro said...

We need a second opinion and please anyone 10 20 bucks will help if you guys cant afford a hotel u can stay at my place im 45 minutes away from Sky Eric Neff

Nicole said...

good job aaron, it good that you let everyone know how important it is that he stays away from any kind of sicknesses. my bosses son had lukemia when he was 5 and she wanted me to tell you how important it is to keep the house clean and dust free, her son got a fungal infection from inhaling dust. I love the both of you very much and want i'm hoping to get down there soon. i ight just fly down solo, but i will let you know.

it was do good to talk to you yesterday and I'm glad that you are still staying positive, i'm praying for you everyday and love you.


Denise said...

We love you, Sky!!!! I am glad that you are getting a second opinion. You are a exceptional young man. very strong willed & determined keep your chin up & know that you have many friends & family members who are thinking of you & praying for you. Love Uncle John & Aunt Denise.
A big hug from us.