Thursday, July 10, 2008

Donations are coming in!!

Again i want to extend my thanks to everyone helping out, you have all been fantastic! We have been receiving a trickle of Paypal donations and are just a few hundred shy of our first thousand!! We will need much more money for outside treatment so please for those who have yet to donate we implore you to dig down and try to find a way to help out in these hard times. You can be assured that all proceeds will be going to Sky's treatment.
Once again to all those who have donated and left kind words of encouragement, God Bless,
Sky will update his blog later tonight for all of you wanting to know about his day.


Shelley said...

aaron-you are doing such a great job as sky's right hand man :) keep up the great work and don't hesitate to ask for help :) ---i may be in illinois for awhile but i know mikey would be glad to come down if you need anything and i will be ready and willing when i get back :)
love shell

Lisa B said...

sky...i know that everything is going to work out for you... i have faith in your positive outlook. you are a inspiration! love you, and i am going to keep doing all i can to help! loves...xoxo

Broadzilla said...

Hey Sky,
As soon as I heard about the benefit, I've been running around seeking donations for the silent auction. I'm doing all in my power to help, as I know you are doing all in your power to fight. You are an inspiration; youre positive attitude and outlook is more than admirable. I am wishing the absolute best for you, and look forward to the benefit night on the 27th!!!!! Aaron, you are such an AMAZING friend, and everyone is blessed to have you aroud. I can't imagine how hard this must be for everyone, but it is great to see such family when times get hard. Trevor; you are stand up. Your strength and courage keeps the spirits around you high, just remember Im always around if you need to vent; I know that you must have A LOT on your mind. Everyone; keep your heads up, we will ALL get through this for SKY!!!! Love to all,

Disko said...

Sky sorry it took so long for me to post.Im talkin with dense and we are tryin to get down to see you soon.Im not big on prayer but ill make sure to bend a knee.These are rough times but at the same we are strugglers always have been.I figure we just fight this like we just like everything else.We always seem to manage.Stay up brotha an tell the folks I said wasup.

p.s who do I need to talk to for auction info

one love

Anonymous said...

Brotha man, I am super psyched about this benefit. Zeb hooked me up with the info I need for businesses and I am going to do my best to get what I can. Not only are we going to rage it, but we are gunna get that money so u can say fuk kaiser and get the right treatment. Hopefully you feel good tomorrow and tomorrow is a new day to try and get this shit goin for ya. Talk to ya later

jody said...


Gotta ditto what my lil girl said, you are an AMAZING friend. I've got the word out to all I know for contributions and, of course, the prayer circle keeps growing.


I love your spirit and positivity. I think those are essential qualities to kick this monster's ass. Keep smilin buddy


amanda said...

SKYLER! I can't wait to see you later! I love you and am soooo proud of you!! Everyone's busting their butts here for you and the silent auction!!
WE love you! Keep Strong mayne!
Gabe, Amanda and Isabelle

jody said...

Hey Guys,

I'm thinking that there is a typo in Lisa's phone number. I call it and get Rosa someone.........I'm trying to get in touch with her regarding the benefit, etc. Could you check on this?


scjaxon said...

Lisa's number was a typo and has been changed to show correctly
please contact her if you are in northern California and have any donations from businesses or silent auction donations. Thanks everyone!

Lara said...

Aaron you are doing a great job with the online donations. Thank you everyone! When we get home I will work on getting more donations. It is hard to work on them from down here, but I am sure that I can get some good donations for the fundraiser. It has been awesome spending the week with you and Sky, I am not going to want to leave tomorrow. Love you both.