Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok so yesterday we have an earthquake while I was in chemo and the quake starts me and my sister look at each other and say EARTHQUAKE and we go racing for the door, I get about half way and my iv stand was still plugged in to the wall I had to go back and free it then race back under the door. It made our hospital visit very interesting got our adrenaline pumping. The overall visit was good I found out I have one of the hardest chemo's on the body for side effects so this week will be the true test of how it effects me. Right now I feel the best I have felt in over 3 months. Im gaining weight right now and my body functions are normal Im eating and digesting food well. I'm happy and positive right now so over all I feel great and is ready to fight through the hard time to come. I'm ready to kick some cancer ass. I love you all for all your support everyone of you keep my head were it needs to be in a positive and happy place full of hope and love. So you all know my plan it looks like we will go two more chemo cycles then retest and see were we are, if all is going well we will continue the total amount of cycles which is 8 total. Then we have a local doctor who practices in specializing in chemo for the individual not for the symptom which kaiser ony goes by the book for the symptom. If you would like you can look at some of his wed stuff his name of his clinic is Rational Therapeutics. His name is Robert Nagourney, and there are some good testimonials and interviews you can look at, Then our next mission is MD Anderson in texas there said to be the cancer gods. So I think were up to date with my plans, so I love you all and will talk to you tomorrow. Love Sky.


Nicole said...

i'm glad you are feeling so strong. too funny about the earthquake. i will definitely check out the website for the doctor down there. thanks for the update on the plans. let me know if there is anything you need, i'm always here, no matter what. i love you and keep up the positive attitude, it can only help you more.


skullfunk said...

thanks for the update sky. no matter what the situation is you gotta watch out for those quakes..i guess fires and floods too.
would if you were on the toilet at the time? crazy to think about huh.
well im really happy to see that youre feeling the best youve felt in months, as you go into your next treatment. physical and mental comfort and confidence will help you to get through it again.
we all believe you can do this sky. keep your spirits high and dry. it makes me happy to know youre feeling better. much love bro,

jody said...

Hey Skydude,

LOL at the earthquake scenario. You wrote that really well, hee hee. Ya know, I JUST heard (like last week) that ya shouldn't go for under stuff (doors, desks, what have you) like they've been telling us. This guy says that you should be next to them, as things collapse in triangles. Maybe google it, I'm a googling fool. :) :)

Thanks for the 411 on the Rational Therapeutic. I like anything with Rational in the name, it has a comfort to it. I will def check it out.

Man o man, I'm so happy to hear you sounding so upbeat and ready for this round of the fight. If perchance your spirits dip, know that we're here for you. I've got a boat load of totally tasteless jokes and nonsense I would be happy to share ANYTIME. Just my thoughts, but I think cancer was kinda dumb to pick your body to invade, don't think it knew quite who it was messin with. Kick ass and take names Sky!! Just.........
don't forget for a minute how much you are loved


amanda said...

Good God! I was wondering if you guys felt the quake yesterday! How exciting.. =)
I'm happy that your happy right now! From the sound of things this week is going to be a real test so I am REALLY glad that you will have your sister, Aaron, Trevor, Crys and Carly there!
We love you Skyler and will continue to pray for your health as well as peace for you.

jody said...

Hey Sky,

I just spent some time on the Rational Therapeutics website and am excited to read about what they are doing. You are so fortunate to be right there, where they are...seems like that was meant to be. People travel from all over to get there, and you're right in the hood, whhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I guess the biggest feat is getting a Kaiser Dr. to co-operate with their findings, unless I'm not getting "it". I have to agree that this sounds very, very encouraging. Thanks for sharing the info!!! Love ya!!!!

Lara said...

I saw the quake stuff on the news last night and wanted to call, but it was late. I am glad you are fine and that it at least made your chemo treatment interesting yesterday.
I am very excited about your plan, I think it is a great one. I am going to read up about that place down there.
I am so happy that your spirits are high too, that is awesome and exactly what your body needs to kick this cancer's ass. I hope your week goes well, being that it will be the toughest with the side effects. Thinking of you daily.
Love you,

Melissa said...

Ok so I checked out the web site and that place sounds exactly like what is needed. The testimonials were real yet encouraging. Just try and get through this rough week ahead and better things will be waiting. Always praying for you. Melissa Justin Zane and Mateo

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear that you are having the best days in months..... We know that with your head held high you will be able to kick this cancers ass. Keep this postive attiude it will only help you get thru this hard chemo... Love you,
Staci and Bj

Chris said...

Sky, It's nice to hear you laugh again. Nice description of the earthquake incident. Good job to everyone that put the benefit together and all that participated and donated. Hang in there Sky. Now you know what to expect and how to handle it. As I said before, if it doesn't seem right, don't be afraid to call your doctors right away. Always in my prayers.

Anthony said...

Damn glad to hear your feeling better big bitch, keep it up. we're all here for you. It was great to see you and everyone at the benefit. love you bro and keep me up to date.

~JECCA~ said...

I am glad to see you made through the quake! Crazy shit! It is so good to hear you sound so up beat,and i am so glad that you are gaining wieght back! I love you and I am always here for you!
Keep fighting and never give up, cause you will beat this!
Much love!

Megan said...

Sky I had a great night with you at the benefit. I am soooo glad that you are feeling good right now. As I said to you Sunday night..I love you with all of my heart, my sweet friend, and I will be down there as soon as I can. My dad is not doing well right now. He is still in the hospital...I put one of your bracelets on him...and we all say "F*CK CANCER!"..Much love xoxoxoxox~M

Dae Dreamer said...

I'm overwhelmingly happy to hear that you're feeling better and your therapy is helping. I believe that attitude and a fighting spirit goes a LONG way to successful treatment. And just from what I've been reading, i know you got that.

Keep up the good fight, love. I'm doubling my prayers for you for the coming week. ♥


Michael Martinez said...

very glad to hear that your doing much better. Im wearing the wrist band everyday and thinking about you bro.