Friday, October 31, 2008


I just finished the last of my IV yesterday for round six and today my legs and bones hurt bad, I got my pain meds upped to a higher dose but the pain is still there. I'm going to walk with my son tonight trick or treating as long as I can. I love to be with my son on Halloween he has so much fun every year. This year he's Iron Man, and has worn the costume since we bought it. Its this time of year when the holidays come that I enjoy the most. October is one of my favorite months, then its gabes bday then thanksgiving, then christmas, then we start a new fresh year. I love you all, Sky

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've had a rough week this last week and am now starting round six. My toes are numb and are a sign of the chemo taking a long term side effect and will cause permanent nerve damage to my fingers and toes. so at this point they will be forced to stop chemo. I'm very upset and feel like keeping to myself, but I know thats unhealthy. On a good note I took my son over to see one of my bestfriend house to see his son and we had a nice BBQ and today I took him to his first golf game on a big course and we had such a good time. I feel so confused my body feels so much stronger but my will feels so much lower. It just gets hard to have physical pain most of the time just to keep me aware at all times I'm sick. I also wanted to say to robert carter I hope your doing better and try to keep your head up I know hospitals are rough but there will be brighter days. Thanks for everyones support. I love you all, Sky

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm 28

so October 15th I turned 28 it was a fun day. I spent the day with my beautiful girlfriend and my brother and his girlfriend and Aaron and Joe and my cousin Crystal and Sarah and my beautiful son and Sarah and Elliotts son Noah. We went to Knotts berry farm and got tossed around by all the rides it was great. Then we had a nice dinner at buco de pepo. I've been doing good and haven't had any new news about my cancer. I start round 6 on the 28th then we will have another ct scan about 3 weeks after that. I will be done with this chemo session around christmas and I plan on spending some time in Italy when I get my chemo break. I've been gaining muscle and feel much stronger. I'm going to go to the sports store and get some weights and start to put on more muscle. I'm sorry I don't write enough I just haven't received any new info on my health. Thanks to all the people that support me, I am grateful to everyone thats been there for me. Love Sky

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

wed, the 1st.

This last week I got to relax and have fun with some of my best friends and my girlfriend. I had so much fun at the golf tournament the four of us had such a blast, Zeb, Jon, Aaron, and I played a good game. I just got home from my little vacation to nor cal. and I'm working out trying to build my strength back, there is a 5 mile walk for breast and ovarian cancer on oct. 4 and I have full intentions on finishing with no problem. Then its off to disneyland with the kids for the day on sunday. Over all I feel the best I've felt in a long time, I have no new news on my cancer yet except that I feel so much better. I go in for my next round of chemo on the 6th. It will be the start of my fifth round out of eight. I want to thank all my family and friends for all your support and love, I love you all back. TTYL, Sky