Saturday, July 12, 2008


We are very happy to announce that there are so many people helping sky now that it has gotten beyond my control. Although I'm very excited that everyone is doing so much to help, i have some concerns.

The Cause started on, does not donate directly to sky's fund like it says, but rather to the American Cancer Society, a noble cause to say the least, but right now, its not gonna help Sky.
We ask that you do not donate to the cause page, and also that the person who started it, please contact me as i'd like some thing changed on the main page.
as of right now, the only safe places to donate to sky's fund are on his blog through paypal which is completely secure, and at Washington Mutual itself. That is straight from the source, those are the only places you should donate cash too.


Chris said...

Sky, you will be amazed by the goodness in people you don't even know. These are also miracles.

jody said...

Thanks for the heads up, Aaron, you are a rockin bud!!!!!!!!!!