Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I got some good naps in today. It was a lot slower pace than the other days, which was nice. I found out that I don't like percocet. My mom and my sister are trying to trick me into going to the hospital, but I'm smarter than them. I know all of the hiding spots. My liver hurt today and breathing was a little uncomfortable but other than that I'm doing good. Still no news from the doctor, hoping to hear from them tomorrow. Aaron cooked a good meal tonight.

Looking forward to a good night sleep.


robert carter said...

Hey its carter. Send me a real e-mail address cuz this site is trippin out on me. U don't deserve wats goin on. Zeb told me 2 day. But ur 1 of the strongest dudes so hope u have a bettr day 2 morrow. Keep positive brotha man. So much 2 catch up on wit u so hope 2 hear from ya.

robert carter said...

Oh just in case e-mail address is and if u need anythin let me kno

Dae Dreamer said...

I had to smile at the thought of you "knowing all the hiding spots." You sound just like my brother. I can tell you have the same great strength and courage he did.

God Bless ~B~

Anonymous said...

I know that this is a hard time for you as it is for all of your friends and family that love you so much!! You will make it through this hard time because you have a lot of people that are here to support you. If you need anything please just let BJ or I know we will do anything to help you. Love you always Staci & Bj