Wednesday, October 1, 2008

wed, the 1st.

This last week I got to relax and have fun with some of my best friends and my girlfriend. I had so much fun at the golf tournament the four of us had such a blast, Zeb, Jon, Aaron, and I played a good game. I just got home from my little vacation to nor cal. and I'm working out trying to build my strength back, there is a 5 mile walk for breast and ovarian cancer on oct. 4 and I have full intentions on finishing with no problem. Then its off to disneyland with the kids for the day on sunday. Over all I feel the best I've felt in a long time, I have no new news on my cancer yet except that I feel so much better. I go in for my next round of chemo on the 6th. It will be the start of my fifth round out of eight. I want to thank all my family and friends for all your support and love, I love you all back. TTYL, Sky


Anonymous said...

Wats up killa???? Man I really wanted to come to the golf tournament but was diagnosed a few weeks ago with ulcerative colitis(ulcers in my colon). I am feeling better but definately hoping it does not go into cancer in a few years cuz theres no known cause or cure for it (much like the b.s. u got from doctors). I am really pissed for missing the tournament but was stuck in bed. I am glad to hear your doing better, it totally sounds like you are on the verge of killin that shit which is a great thing and I am glad your more active now than before. I will definately hit you up later and maybe even call, but still feeling nauseated and weak from disease and meds. The whole time going through this I have thought bout u a lot brotha man. So keep your head up high and stay busy, and we all love ya killa......
-Robert Carter

Disko said...

Yo son
Sorry I couldnt make it this last weekend things were mad hectic.I love
the energy though brotha.Stay up and keep the vibe positive im sure thats the key to beatin this thing.I will be in touch and we are always thinking of you.

Your brotha from anotha motha

Sarah said...

Had a great time with you this last weekend. I wish we could come this weekend :(
We are all so happy for you! We couldnt be happier that you are feeling good and have a great woman in your life! Crystal is at my house and I'm happy! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful cousin. We will be thinking about you like always and praying lots for you!
We love you!!

Elliott Sarah and Noah

Lara said...

Hey sweetie, it was so wonderful to spend time with you, just wish it could have been more. It is so great how good you are feeling and how wonderful you are looking these days. I know you will do great at the walk. I am so jealous, wish we could be there this weekend. I would love to do the walk with you and then take the kiddos to Disneyland on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend, you deserve it. Keep fighting the good fight. Love you!

Crystal said...

Hey my Skyler!! I'm so happy that your doing and feeling well in you body, mind and your heart!! I love you so much & wish you total happiness! With my girl Azza I know that you've found it! BUT on a different'd better be ready to be going to Disneyland again when I go down there! :o)

jody said...

Dear Sky,

So happy to hear that life is going on and going on well. I continue to pray for you every day, as do my "peeps".

Much love from


skullfunk said...

whats up sky, it is good to read that youve been feeling better. I have a lot of faith you will continue to progress. I wish i could have seen you at the golf tournament, i thought it was on a sunday for some reason. Im sure it was awesome.
Keep your head up everyday, and im praying your next round of chemo goes well. Take care and much love,

Chris said...

It's amazing that with everything you are going through, you can still inspire and uplift all of us. Glad to hear you are feeling so good, with only better things to come. Have fun at Disneyland. Always in my prayers.

neffro said...

Good to hear your feeling good! Feeling good and good health go hand and hand, Just keep doing what your doing and u will beat it!
Love always dude who socked u in the jaw when u jumped him into N C
Neffro lol

amanda said...

We had a blast in Disneyland! I cant wait to see you again! You look great and we love you!!!
The Palmquist family ;)

Dae Dreamer said...

All I can say, doll, is you are a true inspiration! ♥