Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've had a rough week this last week and am now starting round six. My toes are numb and are a sign of the chemo taking a long term side effect and will cause permanent nerve damage to my fingers and toes. so at this point they will be forced to stop chemo. I'm very upset and feel like keeping to myself, but I know thats unhealthy. On a good note I took my son over to see one of my bestfriend house to see his son and we had a nice BBQ and today I took him to his first golf game on a big course and we had such a good time. I feel so confused my body feels so much stronger but my will feels so much lower. It just gets hard to have physical pain most of the time just to keep me aware at all times I'm sick. I also wanted to say to robert carter I hope your doing better and try to keep your head up I know hospitals are rough but there will be brighter days. Thanks for everyones support. I love you all, Sky


Lara said...

Oh honey, I know it is hard to stay strong and positive when things like this happen. I know you will make it through, with saying you want to keep to yourself, but know that it isn't good, then I know u can do it. Sounds like you and Zion had a great time and that is good. I wish I could take away the physical pain. I hope things get better quickly. Try to keep your head up sweetie. We miss you, stay strong. Love you!

Chris said...

This is the hard part - the setbacks. It's okay to want to be by yourself for very, very short periods of time. It's normal and needed. Then it's time to get back up and going again. I'm glad you have Zion. Keep setting your goals; it's not over yet. Always in my prayers.

amanda said...

I'm sorry things seem to be going south right now! We love you and are constantly thinking of you and praying for you! Keep your head up and your spirits up in knowing there are so many of us with you every step of the way and if you need anything help is only a phone call away (or a room away for Aaron :) )
We love you!
Amanda and Gabe

Dae Dreamer said...

So sorry to hear you're dealing with such a big disappointment, hun. But, from everything I see of you here in your blog and in chatting with your Mom, I know you're a very strong and positive person. I really don't know if I could push myself to do what you're doing. My brother fought the good fight as well, and it's hard to be on either side.

God bless you and keep you, your family, and your friends. ♥

jody said...

Dear Sky,

I'm sorry that the going is rough right now, but glad that you know the importance of reaching out. This is when we get to lift you up in love and prayer even more than usual. It's what friends are for and what we should all do for one another.

I delight in the fact that you always have a "bright note" as in your time with Zion.

I'm sorry that you are in such pain, but there has to be something good about your body feeling stronger. Don't they always tell us to listen to our bodies? You've been doing so well at keeping your spirits up and I believe that's vital to recovery.....let me know if there is anything at all I can do for you.

Much love


Carrie said...

Sky, Stay strong. Remember in life its is the quality and not the quantity of life you have.