Friday, October 31, 2008


I just finished the last of my IV yesterday for round six and today my legs and bones hurt bad, I got my pain meds upped to a higher dose but the pain is still there. I'm going to walk with my son tonight trick or treating as long as I can. I love to be with my son on Halloween he has so much fun every year. This year he's Iron Man, and has worn the costume since we bought it. Its this time of year when the holidays come that I enjoy the most. October is one of my favorite months, then its gabes bday then thanksgiving, then christmas, then we start a new fresh year. I love you all, Sky


Lara said...

I am sorry you are having pain, that really sucks! I am glad you were able to go out with Zion last night though. He was the best Iron Man ever, so cute. I love seeing the pics of you smiling. It is a great time of year, all of our b-days and all the holidays. I hope the pain gets better and the meds start to help. Have a good restful weekend. We miss you and love you! Keep on staying strong.

jody said...

You're an iron man of sorts, least in my eyes. I didn't get to see the pix, but I bet he was the cutest!!!!

This IS a great time of year and I know that Thanksgiving will have special meaning for all of us whose lives you've touched

Love ya


Megan said...

Sounds like you had a great time with the kids... You are on my mind every single day Sky..I love you!!

steph said...

sky, i love you!!! you are in my thoughts and prayers every si ngle day!!
try to stay strong as you have through this whole thing!!!

Chris said...

You are giving Zion the greatest gift he can ever have. I love your goals - birthdays, special days, and holidays for many years to come. I'm praying your pain lessens very soon - I can't even imagine. I pray for strength mentally and physically. May your angels surround you and comfort you.

amanda said...

I can't wait to get together with the family this year and celebrate all that we have to be thankful for! We love you very much and are looking forward to seeing you on the weekend of the 14th! I feel so blessed to call you cousin!!
I know it's hard sometimes but remember that theyre never a bad as they seem. You're so strong and supported by everyone