Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm 28

so October 15th I turned 28 it was a fun day. I spent the day with my beautiful girlfriend and my brother and his girlfriend and Aaron and Joe and my cousin Crystal and Sarah and my beautiful son and Sarah and Elliotts son Noah. We went to Knotts berry farm and got tossed around by all the rides it was great. Then we had a nice dinner at buco de pepo. I've been doing good and haven't had any new news about my cancer. I start round 6 on the 28th then we will have another ct scan about 3 weeks after that. I will be done with this chemo session around christmas and I plan on spending some time in Italy when I get my chemo break. I've been gaining muscle and feel much stronger. I'm going to go to the sports store and get some weights and start to put on more muscle. I'm sorry I don't write enough I just haven't received any new info on my health. Thanks to all the people that support me, I am grateful to everyone thats been there for me. Love Sky


jody said...

Hi SkyGuy,

And a very felice cumpleanos para ti!!!!! Ya know, 28 was my best year so far and my fondest hope for you is that 25 years from now, you can say the same!!!! For me, I don't just "tune in" for the cancer updates, but to see how YOU are and what's going on with you.

Sounds like the futures so bright, you're gonna need shades,

Love you


Lara said...

Hey love, I am so glad that your day was great. I hope you are having a great weekend! And I have to agree, I check on here daily, but not just for cancer updates, to see how you are doing too. I am so happy with how great you have been feeling, that is just wonderful. Italy, oh wow, my number one place to go visit if I could afford it would be Venice. I guess the CT results will be near Thanksgiving, hopefully we will have some news to be Thankful for. Thinking of you daily. Miss you and love you. Keep on staying strong.

Chris said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sky (and Trevor)! Ah, 28 was a good year too. What a great day you had surrounded by beautiful family and friends. Your happiness is overflowing. Good luck to you on your next round of chemo. Keep up the good spirits and work. I know with all this goodness, it can still get you down sometimes. You and your family are always in my prayers. God and your angels are always at your side.


Sarah said...

We had such a good time with all of you. I wish we lived closer so our boys could play all the time. I hope you have a safe flight and have fun up here....We will always be thinking about you and praying everyday! Noah misses you guys a lot. He is asking about Zion!

Love you lots!

neffro said...

Keep fighting bud cause you are winning the battle bud
Love Neffro

amanda said...

Ah.. 28.. =) I wouldnt know yet.. but I think so far your 28th year is going beautifully! ;)
I love reading on here about how youre doing as well.. I had such a fun time with you guys last night at the concert.. next time we'll pick a better casino to go to after and your cousin will be there.. next year!
We love you so much!
The Palmquist Familia

Dae Dreamer said...

Well shoot, Happy Belated Birthday!! And you know what they say, "No news, is good news!" It's wonderful to hear you're having such a wonderful time with your family and friends! Keep on truckin, doll! ♥