Monday, September 15, 2008

sorry everyone

I'm sorry to everyone for not updating my computer wasn"t working I've been very busy and just got it back online. Ok so lets start with the ct scan, after my third session of chemo they wanted me to be at around 50 percent remission but I'm more around 25 percent. So there is improvement just not as much as we hoped. My quality of life has gone way up I feel good and am happy in my life right now. So now were hoping that the next 3 cycles will be as effective as possible and then my doctor thinks we will hit a plateau and that will be as far as we go with kaiser. We will do 8 total then a pet scan to see how much of the cancer is dead and how much is alive. At that point we will probably take thous results to rational therapeutics and see what he can do. Now about life my cousin just got married and the wedding was beautiful we had such a good time and I felt great all weekend. The ceremony was great and we danced and danced. Amanda my new cousin looked so beautiful it was breathtaking, gabe your a lucky man. And I got to kiss one of the most beautiful girls in the world so I had a great time. I love you all, talk to you soon, sky.


Jess said...


It was so great to see you this weekend. I am so happy that you are feeling great. Did I mention how great you looked? Keep up the great thoughts and we will see you soon!

Love ya much

Terry, Jess and Kaya

Dae Dreamer said...

I'm happy to hear you're improving, even if it isn't at the rate expected. Again, you're in my thoughts and prayers. ♥

~jennifer~ said...

Hey Sky!
25% may not be the hoped 50% but lets take it and RUN! Shoot for a higher percentage this next time around. As for the wedding.. it was great to hang out and see you looking so Handsome and Healthy. What a great day and night!

As for the "first kiss".. I hope that smile I know you have on your face now continues to get you through any rough days ahead. Nothing beats a "first kiss". :) I posted a some of the pics I took from the wedding.. ya might wanna take a peek. (wink)

Keep Smiling Sky!
Much love..

~JECCA~ said...

Hey love! I think 25% is great! Next time it will be even more. You are so strong and such a good fighter that there is no way that you won't beat this! Keep up the good work, and I hope that you keep having great days. I love you and miss you so much. Keep your head up!
Much Love~

Lara said...

Hey handsome, it was great to spend time with you this weekend. It was a wonderful wedding, everyone looked great, but you and Zion were my two favorite handsome guys. I am thankful for the 25%, wish it was more, but I will take what we can get. I am so happy that you are still feeling great and that all the extra traveling hasn't exhausted you too much. You know you can call if you need anything. We love you so much, keep up a great fight.

Crystal said...

My Skyler!! It's been SO great getting to see you these past 2 weekends. The wedding was beautiful and I'm so happy that life is making you smile. You deserve wonderful things and if you keep fighting and looking forward, life will continue to be wonderful. I love you

Chris said...

Don't be sorry. It's wonderful to hear you were having fun - and felt good. 25% is nothing to sneeze at. Could have been 0. What great news! It will even be better the next time. Always in my prayers.

amanda said...

We love you Sky and are so privileged to have you and Zion in the wedding! The speech was great, you look awesome and ... I look forward to all the time we will be able to spend with you now that the wedding is over! We will beat this thing together, one day at a time!
Amanda and Gabe

jody said...


Let's celebrate the 25%, it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!!!! I'm really happy that the chemo is doing sumpin', other than making you ill. There is always hope and there are options. I'm glad that an option you're partaking in is positivity, extremely important, in my opinion.

I couldn't be happier, hearing that you are having a good time, carpe diem-ing wich yo bad self!!!!
You are a wonderful man, Sky, and an inspiration to us all.

I love you,


dawn said...

do you guys remember me call me 7608100096 i heard you lived down hear but i had no way to contact you. my toughts and prayers are with you.

skullfunk said...

whats up sky. im happy to read that youre having good days and feeling a little better. I pray that your recovery continues to progress, and i know it will cause you are the man.
much love bro,

TrishOh said...

We are so glad we finally got to meet you at the wedding -- thank you for the wonderful toast to the bride and groom!
It is so nice to hear that you are seeing some IMPROVEMENT -- keep taking care of yourself and we will keep praying for you.

Trish and Matt (Amanda's Mom and stepdad)

Dae Dreamer said...

Hey baby boy... Just dropped by to ck in, see what's been going on and leave some love and prayers for you..... ♥

neffro said...

Great to hear, happiness is the key to life and i mean that in more then one way. Your a very happy and strong person and thats key> love u dawg neffro

Chris said...

Still praying for you. Hope you're doing okay and keeping strong.

jody said...

I look up and see that the Sky is still there, just sure would love an update from the one here on earth. No pressure, but since I don't do the MySpace thing, I can't keep up............I continue to pray and trust that this will have the outcome that God intends.....I'm thinking that involves a long and happy life where you can share your experience, strength and hope with others. Love you bunches