Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today is the last day of my chemo pills this cycle now I start my immune booster for 3 days and ill be back to full health by sunday. I posted on tuesday and then fell back asleep I slept a total of close to 36 hours. I feeling better now with a little more energy. Today Aaron Trevor and Jason Smith got my Lincoln continental running I was very grateful for that. Football preseason started today so thats good also I'm excited to beat the raiders tomorrow, go niners! My dear friend lost her father to cancer the other day, I love you meg and my heart goes out to you and your family. Cancer sucks and I feel for all those that lost there fights, We just gotta keep on fighting and keeping our hope and faith high. I have cancer but cancer doesn't have me. I love you all, Sky


Chris said...

I feel blessed to be able to know you through this blog. You have truly touched my heart with your consideration, thoughtfulness and sincerety for others when you, too, are going through the same journey. Not only do I feel good when you do, but you make me realize just what I have to be thankful for every day. May God keep on blessing you with miracles and angels. You're always in my prayers, Chris

amanda said...

Skyler! I love you and I'm happy they got your car running =) Crystal was telling us about it ;)
That's sweet to say to Meggie too.. I know that she appretiates it and is still pulling for you!

Sarah said...

Sky....We love you so much and think about you everyday. Our hearts and minds are with you every minute...We are also praying for Megan and her family and we HATE cancer for causing so much pain and heartache. I'm glad that you are so strong and you are an inspiration to us all. I show Noah pictures of you...and ask whos that? He says thats SKY!!! You and Zion are in are hearts always! Can you do me a favor and give Aaron a kiss for me? Take a picture and I'll hang it up in my room...Elliott will love it!

Always in our prayers,

Elliott, Sarah and Noah

Rest in Peace Myk

~JECCA~ said...

Hey Sky, I hope you are having a great day! Sorry to hear about your friends Dad, that really sucks! Keep your head up and keep fighting. I love you and I am always thinking about you! You are so strong and I believe that you can beat this!
PS... Didn't any one ever tell you that the Niners suck! GO RAIDERS! Love ya!

neffro said...

I like your attitude, your swagger your style lol your right you got this. Im stoaked about the silent auction wish u could be there, i was promoting it last night at a poetry venue and the last poet talked about how he was in remission it was crazy. Love u dawg Negatron Harmonic aka Neffro

steph said...

thats right babe, keep being positive!!!
love you xoxoxo

Disko said...

good to hear your stayin strong
Im stayin crazy busy at the shop but i will drop you a line this weekend. much love.Cant wait for cruise in the lincoln.

2 d's for a double dose of this pimpin.

Lara said...

I love your positive attitude, it makes me smile. That is great about the Lincoln, enjoy your cruising, wish I could cruise it with you. I hope you are enjoying watching my team beat your team. You know I love you, regardless of your team preference, hell, I love Crystal and she loves the Eagles. Go Raiders! Thinking of you every minute of every day. That's right Skyler, YOU have cancer, it doesn't have you. Cancer sucks butt! I love you Sky! I love you Megs! Thinking of you both. Stay strong Sky, you can do anything.

Lara said...

By the way, Good job boys, way to get the Lincoln started! We love you guys too, and think of you often.
Love you Trevor, Aaron and even Jason.

Shelley said...

Glad to hear that this round of chemo isnt as bad as the last---i thought i was a champion sleeper, but man, you are the King!!!
mike is happy that football is starting up too!!! maybe we can all go to a game together in san fran!!!! (he was so jealous that you got the autograph pic of jerry rice) :^]
we are both so happy that you are going be at Mcallans on sunday--see you then :)
~love shell and mikey

Hey, this is Carisa!
i know that i dont get to see you as often as i like, but there is not a moment that goes by that i am not thinking about you!!!
i love you very much--
you are so brave EVERYDAY,
no matter what comes your WAY :)
it made my day TODAY,
to hear that you are coming on SUNDAY!!!
your sista
from another mista
luv ya-- risa.....DAMN IM GOOD!!!

Hey this is Amy--
cant top that sh*t !!!
see you sunday--love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, fight the shit as hard as you can. It definately sucks cancer is happening more and more often, but more than liekely everyone has the heart like you and fights it with everything they got. Also, screw the raiders, theyre bastards anyways (well at my work). Well, get some more rest and stay strong big man....we all love ya and pray for you...

jody said...

Hey Sky,

Wow, you should do a commercial for those sleep number beds or something, 36 hours, holy toledo!!!

I have no comments on football as I don't know a first down from a touch down, but glad that you're glad the season is upon us.....AGAIN.

Kudos to your wingmen for getting your cruisemobile in cruzin shape....lincolns are stylin!!!!

Hoping this fundraiser is as much fun for you as the last one...and makes at least as much dinero for your treatment. Do you have an appt. set up with Rational Therapeutics yet?

Yup. Cancer doesn't have YOU or your indominable spirit. You rock, dude.

One love One day at a Time,

Anthony said...

Hey sky glad to hear your taking this bout of chemo a lot better than your last. thinking of you always bro. my whole family is still praying for you. stay up and much love. tony and family

Megan said...

I love you too Sky...Keep fighting!! xoxoxox