Wednesday, August 20, 2008

round three

I got done with round three yesterday and they ran out of my ten day pill regiment I was taking so we substituted it with more iv so i go in for three extra days for that but its fast and not to hard. This last round went well ant round three I hope will do the same. I fell excellent today and am going golfing right now. My sons mom came home so were working on being a family again which feels real good I'm happy to have the memories of all of us together. I've lost about 7 inches around my belly and my doctor feels really good about it so that makes me happy. She had mentioned that there was a chance for a full recovery which was not mentioned before so again I'm very happy. I think were going to bet this and when its gone were having the biggest party ever for like a month or something. Ok well I'm off to golf love everyone and I'll talk to you soon, love sky.


jody said...

Hi Sky!!!!!

WHOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, sounds like things are looking good, as is only fitting and proper. It's great to hear you so happy and always optimistic. That's the way to roll, dude, the only way to roll. I have the biggest smile on my face after reading this and am honored to be the first one to throw a comment up. (Simple pleasures amuse me :) ) Just so you know, my posse is continuing the prayer circles, none of us forget you (as if we could) Keep being you and know that you are loved.

Ma Dukes

Jess said...

Hey Sky! Sounds like you are doing great! Just like everyone said in the beginning, if there is anyone that can beat the odds it is you. We believed it then and we still believe that today, it just so happens that now you are proving it! Keep doing what you are doing, stay strong, stay positive. The mind can work miracles. You are constantly in my prayers. Hope to see you soon.

Love Jess

neffro said...

hey sky wrote you this letter in math class, i think whats her name likes u but shhhh im not for sure though. I got my beeber takin away today by mr. bobadoboulous. But yeah dude that is great news i was so happy i had to write that stupid ass funny ass comment i love u and u know i do man keep fighting i KNOW u can beat it

Carly said...

Yeah!! I know I just talked to you but I am so excited to hear it! I'm very happy that things are going so well for you guys. Love you lots and I will be back down as soon as I can. If Amanda and Gabe didn't have the next month planned out for me I would be back a lot sooner... haha :)

~JECCA~ said...

Hey Sky! So that sounds like good news! It makes me so happy that you are staying postive and up beat! Keep on fighting and you will beat it! Congrats on trying to work thing out with your baby mama, I hope all goes well! I love you and I pray that you keep having good days!

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to start planning that month long party bro. Love ya and talk to you soon.

Lisa B said...

I am with Jason, when is that month long fuck cancer party going to be! I know we will have one because I know you can beat this bad stuff! You keep on thinking positive! Its taking you a long way. I am happy to hear zion is home with you! He is your fighting force! I love you! Keep that head up! Hope you had fun golfing.

Disko said...

Yo son
It was good to talk to you yesterday
You sounded great.I knew you were tougher than some punk ass cancer!
Im still tryin to come visit and will let you know how thats coming along

One love

skullfunk said...

sky, reading your last message put a big smile on my face. and neffros message is hella funny. thanks for keeping is informed. im happy as ever that your fight with cancer is working out to your favor. its great that you are surrounded by such strong and loving people as well, and that you get to re-unite with your family. keep your head up sky. and have fun golfing. i love you man,

aaron said...

Great to hear that news dude. Just sucks bad about Kaiser being such insanely retarded people. Hopefully it works out better than the last round because of the fuckup. So golf was fun, to bad we didnt get to play the final holes on my favorite side, we might not have tied then. HaHa, lets go again today. i will beat your butt. ROFL!

aaron said...

oh, yeah, thanks for the fit dude, i loved the golf shoes, much appreciated brother! next time i will forget my driver so i can pick one up at the pro shop! haha.

thanks though fa reals dude.

aaron said...
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Lara said...

oh Skyler, I am so happy for you. I am so happy that you are happy, that is all that matters. I am glad that things are going well with the chemo, I hope that round 3 does go well like the others. 7 inches, woo hoo! Everyone knew that if anyone can beat the odds it would be you. So for you doc to say that there is a chance for full recovery is the best thing I have every heard, because we all know that you are the one to do that. I am glad you are getting out and playing golf, that is sounds like fun.
Hey with all the benefit planning by the time we plan your month long party, we will be pros at it. I am so excited, can't wait. We love you very much, keep up the awesome attitude.

Crystal said...

My Skyler! I'm sorry that Kaiser is full of such incompetent morons I was hoping we'd be passed the amateurs by now!! But I'm very excited to know how much your belly has shrunk and the positive outlook towards beating this shit! I'm super glad that things are going well with Keyonne and Zion too. Nicole told me you put in that application I REALLY hope you get that place!!! I love you MUCHO!! & miss you all!

Dae Dreamer said...

Hi Sweetie! Not that it matters so much, but I've been down for three weeks with pneumonia, so I'm just catching up. I am so happy to read some good news in your blog. The love your family and friends have for you is so intense, it just jumps up off the page! You are so blessed. All the love and prayers are making a difference!

And if you are ever able to bottle your courage and optimism, I'll be the first in line to buy!

God Bless You, Sweetheart. You're gonna beat this!


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Chris said...

Darn - you lost 7 inches and I think I found it! What good news. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Always in my prayers.

Shelley said...

i am so glad you are doing so well and are so happy :)
the news from the doctor is amazing--im ready for the victory party!!!
give beautiful zion a kiss for me (ill give him a dollar for it the next time im out there) :)

love shell