Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I started to feel sick last night well not really sick but very different, so I slept in I got 15 hours last night but still feel a little strange so I'm being very careful not to get sick. So far this chemo has been good. The benefit in So Cal is on the 10th at Mcallans Pub in Rancho Cucamonga 6321 haven ave. alta loma. So if you can we would love to see everyone there I'm very tiered today so i need to go. ttyl love sky.


Beav said...

Chief one up and get some sleep big guy... hope u start felling better 2nite...

neffro said...

Chief dirty butt from the never wipe tripe, How! Yeah i speak indian what dawg WHAT! Love u neffro

~JECCA~ said...


Lara said...

Hey sweetie, wow 15 hours, that is a lot, I am sure your body needed it. I hope that you feel better tomorrow and not so strange. I wish we could make it down there for the benefit, but Dan can't take off time from work right now. We love you and will be thinking of you, just like everyday. Keep your head up and get some rest.

Lisa B said...

i am glad to hear that you got lots of rest... that is just what you need. i am still working on trying to come down and help at the benefit... gotta figure out where dain can go... love you!

jody said...

Hi BigSky,

Listen to da bod, dude, it's a good thing. Glad that you got some massive zzzzzs.

Wearing your bracelet non stop and I saw someone I didn't know with one on the other day at the store, was "all" YEAH!!!! Scopin out cars all over the NV for similar bumper stickers.......

Putting something in the mail to you today as I won't be able to make to the benefit down there as I had originally hoped.

Prayer circle continues to expand.......

One love,One day at a time


Lightman said...

Sky..I am glad to here you are getting your well needed rest. And good for you, you got your card....

amanda said...

We love you and will be there with you in spirit since we're "stuck" here doing wedding planning! Get all the sleep you can to rest up for the weekend ahead =)
Amanda and Gabe

Denise said...

We hope you start feeling better & get as much rest as you need that will help, We hope this weekend turns out really well for you.
Your Uncle John & I were happy we could make it to Napa, It was nice to see you & the gang, you have so many people out there who really care a lot about you, that was very easy to see at the fund raiser in Napa We love you, Uncle John & Aunt Denise

Anonymous said...

Sky, I'm glad that you will you got a good night sleep!! We hope to make it down soon. Not sure if we will be able to make it for the benefit this weekend, but maybe soon after that.
Love you Bro
Staci and Bj

Dae Dreamer said...

Hey doll. Well when you're sleeping is when your body does it's healing. So sleep whenever you need it for as long as you need it. All I got is a stupid cold and all I been doing is sleeping for two days. Ugh! :oP

So... I just wanted to stop by and see how you are doing and give you my love. Keep up the good fight, baby, you got my prayers. ♥


jody said...

Hey Sky,

Good Morning........check this out,

It sure put a smile on this old face!!!!!

Love ya,

dc said...

Oh dear Lord, today I pray,
make Sky's cancer go away.
Make him strong & feeling well.
Make the cancer go to hell.
Look upon his handsome face
and put him in a state of grace.
He is too nice to feel so sick
and he has a very nice, large,

group of friends who love him
and want him around a long, long time.