Monday, August 11, 2008

monday monday

The benefit was good I was very weak but I pulled through the entire night. We had Zion selling kisses on the cheek for 2 bucks and he did real well. I want to give a special thanks to Carisa, Jenn, Lauren, And all the help at McAlan's, also all the help in rancho from promoting to helping the event to donating, Thank you all I had such a great time. I would also like to thank April and Lisa for driving all this was and helping so much without any time for themselves the have dedicated months of there spare time to keep me alive that makes me cry with happiness that I have friends like that. Also thanks to Jason Smith and my big bro for there help they worked real hard to put the event together. We raised somewhere around 6 thousand last night and had a good time doing it. Each event is getting us closer and closer to securing a plan to keep me alive. Thank you to everyone thats been there for me you guys and girls are the driving force behind me. I Love you all, Sky


Joe said...

Wish I could have been there man

Love ya brother! Stay Strong!

Joe Mandro

Chris said...

Me too.


jody said...

Yup. Me too. I woulda bought a thousand kisses from Zion!!!! Love you Sky. Know that you are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers.


neffro said...

I was there MAN it was crazy crackalakin yadada holler iz it wit u big pimp soup chicken walrus, lol it was a great time and i got a sick ass picture for hella cheap, and a bottle of nice why for cheap also and a gift card for half price. But the main thing is that im glad that i have some extra money to donate to the cause it gives me goose bumps to know that my money is going to help save the life of one of my best friends. I love u man and im gonna keep donating my time, love and money and anything i can for u and to you, I really love u brother stay strong. Neffro

Lara said...

I so wish I could have been there, but I am glad that it went well. I would have bought a million kisses from Zion, that boy is too damn cute to say no to. $6000 is good, the money keeps rolling in, little by little and you are right, it just gets you closer to securing your plan to keep you alive, and that is exactly what we want. We love you so much! Get some rest sweetie.

Lisa B said...

Sky, the benefit was great! I would not have missed it for anything! Dain and Zion had a great time! We have cute kids that sure love to dance! Last night gave us all so many precious moments to remember. Watching you and Zion dancing was one of the most touching moments I have experienced! That dance was worth the drive down. I am happy to help and be apart of getting you cured my friend. Dain and I love you lots! Xoxoxo

~JECCA~ said...

I am so glad that everything went well! Just wanted to let you know that I love you and I am thinking about you always! Stay strong!

aaron said...

Im so glad everything went as well as it did last night. It was a long night, and many people donated their time and effort to help you Sky. You know we love you and we will do it again soon. I gotta say the dance with you and Zion was really unfair, dude you should have warned me, it brought the tears flowing pretty good. I love you dude, and i just want to add that i beat you at golf today finally .

Beav said...

You let aaron beat u at golf???? U homo!!! Whats next Mark Whalberg posters on ur walls??? Just kidin... Hey man i'm glad 2 hear that last night was a success... that rules that your getting so much support from everyone. i'm tryin 2 get stuff str8 up here so i can come see u again.
Luv ya bro

Nicole said...

i wish i could have been there. i would had definitely paid $2 for a kiss from Zion. That is so cute. sounds like you guys did pretty good down there, thats awesome. i hope that you are feeling better and i miss you!


luckie said... i had a great time. It was so great to see the kids and everyone enjoying each other and supporting you to the fulliest. You and zion are beautiful and i loved the dance you two had together. luv ya