Tuesday, January 20, 2009

T Ball

So tonight we get started on my sons baseball career. I'm going to manage the team and my brother is going to help coach its going to be a blast. I've had a rough couple of weeks with pain and everything but I'm feeling a lot better know. My toes and now my fingers are starting to get numb and thats a bad sign since i just started this chemo less then two weeks ago but I'm not telling my doctor for now cause there barely numb. I don't want to be forced to stop the chemo after that its clinical trials and thats kinda a crap shoot. We talked about surgery and she seems so doubtful since its in my bone, lung, liver, spline and omentum. So were just taking things one day at a time. I'm stoked for T Ball though its going to be fun chasing around 13 five yr olds. ttyl love sky


Carly said...

I'm excited for t-ball too! You guys will all look so cute out there :o) I hope to be able to make it down there soon to see you in action.

Happy to hear you are feeling better... Please don't hold back too much from your doctor.

Love you lots!

~Soft Hands

jody said...


We should all spend more time with people under six and over seventy. Be the change!!!!!


Lara said...

I am glad you are feeling better, but I am with Crystal, don't hold too much back. I wouldn't want it to affect the outcome.
I am so excited that Zion is doing t-ball, sounds like so much fun to watch. Wish we were in the same town, I would so be there to cheer him on. Cade is doing basketball, it is pretty cute too. Missing you guys down there. Keep on fighting and enjoying your life. Kisses. Love you!

Lara said...

oops, i meant I agree with Carly. I hope your fingers and toes don't get worse.

Anonymous said...

*hugs* Kick some T-ball butt Zion!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wats up killa? Sorry havnt written but I've been goin through sum rough times myself wit my gut......they thnk I mite have ulcers in my stomach as well n doc n I discussed how my ulcerative colitis is hardcore, my meds fuk me up but u can ask any1 who's seen me, been keepin head up n mannin up workin full time......I thnk u greatly 4 bein my inspiration 4 wat I have but pushin strong, 1 day I may 2 get cancer 4 they told me I got a 60% chance of it b 4 40 unless my body kicks ass......my mom has church wit ur grandma n updates me quite often which news I heard 2 day wasn't great......man ur a strong f**ker n witout a doubt gunna fite 2 the end which bettr b in 20 yrs damn it......I can relate 2 wats goin on 2 a point just wish I culd coach tee ball, well in a few yrs I can.....keep ur head up, hope ur son kicks ass n hope the beginnin of ur coachin career goes good.....lol.....love ya brotha n ill hit u up soon....I promise earlier than this time....peace

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing father as well as an amazing man! You will have so much fun with t-ball! I miss you already! Xo