Monday, December 22, 2008

sorry for the delay

I just got all my tests back and they tests came back that my chromosomes were normal witch rules out the desmoplastic tumor. So now were back to square one but on the good side right now I feel great and just had another ct scan and it came back that the tumors are still shrinking and I haven't done any chemo in two months. My eyebrows have grown back and I feel much better about myself, that was the only little thing that bugged me stupid huh. So our plan with kaiser is to maybe start 3 more rounds of the same chemo then we go to trials. My heart is at the lowest of normal strength wise, a normal heart is 50 to 75 percent mines 52 so were going to try and strengthen it up a little more but over all my quality of life is much better thanks to all my wonderful friends for being there for me. love you all sky.


amanda said...

I love you Sky! I am so glad to hear that your tumors are shrinking and your eyebrows are growing back! I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! Drive safe and careful =) The VUE is a real speed demon ;)

Lara said...

well, I know it sucks to be back to square one with the not knowing what exactly it is, but that is great that the tumors are still shrinking! I am glad your eyebrows are growing back, I understand how that could bug you. I am just happy to hear that you are feeling good. Get your heart stronger and start that chemo. We love you. Can't wait to see you. Have a safe drive up. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I feel so guilty for waxing the shit out of my eyebrows today ;-) LOL

Well, I just wanted to swing by and tell you that I was thinking about you and your family and hope you have a great Christmas. Isn't it amazing how humans thrive in the face of adversity? We stop and smell the roses only when our lives are forced to an abrupt halt. Otherwise we just run right by them.
But damn don't those roses smell great?
Enjoy every smell this Christmas. This is what being human is all about.
;-) Love ya Sky.
-Ashley Ulibarri

Nicole said...

yeah you have eyebrows! That is awesome that the tumor is still shrinking. i hope to see you this weekend. love you!

Aaron P said...

Merry Christmas Sky!
Hope you and all the family are having a great time. Remember to get yourself down here Friday to hang out. See you then buddy!

neffro said...

Glad to hear your doing well and you seem to be getting better for the most part just keep happy and eat foods that help the heart. love always neg

Chris said...

Shrinking is a wonderful word to hear. You've been through so much, it's understandable that your heart is a little weak. You've never left my prayer list. What a wonderful Christmas gift. They will get the answers. I pray your faith and strength continues to grow each day. Merry Christmas, Sky!

Shelley said...

okay so i haven't written to you in a long time--but i seriously thought you weren't blogging anymore! its good to know that you still are :) i am now caught up on everything!!!
I wanted to let you know that i had such a blast at the cabin and i was so happy you and zion were a part of it---we made some great memories and i look forward to next year's trip :)
A new year is here and i am positive it is going to be better than the last! Wishing you all the best!!!
P.S. i know you are excited to get your brows back but i thought you rocked the billy zane brows really well :) ha ha!
love ya